North London Taekwon-Do Tournament, 26 September 2010-10-13

Host GTI

Venue: Gladesmore Sports Centre, London

The ETA had several members competing at this junior event hosted by GTI association. New Barnet had 4 competitors and Docklands sent 3. Master Denis 7th degree and David Charlton 4th degree were in attendance along with myself.

Master Denis also spotted that the legendary sparring champion Tony Sewell was also in attendance as a senior official.

The tournament was a local event and attendees numbered approximately 50. There were 3 rings in operation and the spectators were able to get very close to the action.

Patterns were run with one person up at a time with a point scoring system rather than the head-to-head format and New Barnet’s Drilon Bajrami 5th kup and Ilja Titov 3rd kup performed very well, taking Gold and Silver respectively in the blue belt patterns.

Young Sebastian Mahsoudi 5th kup 8 years old from Docklands, won an excellent  Silver against much older opponents. Also from Docklands, Zane Ahmad 8th kup 8 years old, did very well winning Silver in the Yellow belt division.

In the sparring events, Ilja shone by winning gold in both the blue/red belt point-stop and continuous sparring divisions. Alfie Huggard 4th kup won two Silver medals and Drilon won Silver in point-stop and Bronze in continuous sparring.

All trophies were awarded in a ceremony at the end of the competition rather than after each event. Unfortunately, the Gold medals were not available to give out on the day and instead, the tournament host Mr Sean Onipede, was gracious enough to deliver them to the New Barnet club when they became available.

All in all, it was a nice local event for the ETA students to attend and hopefully, the GTI will attend ETA competitions in the near future.