80 students, parents and friends gathered for the 2010 Docklands Awards and Xmas Party at the now usual venue at Greenwich called the Spanish Galleon. It is the only time of the year that some students from the different schools and sessions get a chance to meet up at the same time.

Docklands invited 2 people to help them celebrate. Mr Janitzio Moreno VI degree, who made the special awards to be handed out, and Mrs Lisa Dennis V degree, member of the England Ladies Team. They were to help with the giving out of the awards.

The first awards of the night were the special awards given out to 4 people whom without their help Docklands would not function quite so well. They were Miss Julie Fagg who helps with the day to day running of all the schools as well as the teaching of the TKD Tigers group, Mr Graham Patterson, Mrs Suzanne Patterson and Mr Piotr Capaja who all help and take the sessions when Master T Denis is not able to and also help when he divides the classes into smaller groups.

Graham & Suzanne Patterson

The next presentation was for all the Tigers who have attended the sessions over the year. They worked really hard and concentrated throughout the classes so the participation awards were a reward for their efforts. The most promising award went to Fred Bright, while the student of the year for that group was given to Toren Moore who has now started training with the next group above the Tigers.

Sebastian Mahsoudi

Next group to be awarded was the 7-13 age group and the most promising went to yellow tag Raul Gazi while blue tag Sebastian Mahsoudi won the student of the year. There were a few in contention like Steven Daly and Jan Bantic who were both previous winners.

In the senior group 2 most promising and 2 Student of the year as well as 1 most improved awards were to be given out. The most improved went to yellow belt Przemyslan Serwin, who over the course of the year has developed a knack for getting medals in the patterns event even though he favours sparring. The 1st most promising award went to Nermeen Hilton who has had a remarkable year even though she just turned 14 last month. Much is expected of her in the coming years especially now she is a black belt. The 2nd award went to green belt Huong Nguyen who has had a great year in gradings and competition going through the whole year without being beaten in any pattern competition both in Europe and on home soil.

The last award of the night was the student of the year. One of the recipients of the award was not able to make the party and had already been informed. That was Thea Johanne Ness. Thea has done very well over the past year getting her black belt in March and entering a few competitions in Holland getting gold and silvers in all of them. The other student of the year went to red tag Pawel Mastalski. Pawel trains regularly and attends all the competitions both abroad and in England. In all the competitions that he has attended he has never failed to return without medals. His attitude is also exemplary.                                        

Pawel Mastalski

Two other awards were given out and that was “the quiet as a mouse” award and that went to yellow tag Renee Dobbs who works hard at classes yet never speaks out of turn. The other was stupidest comment of the year which went to Nermeen Hilton. Too many comments were made by her over the course of the year to write down in this article.

After all the awards were given out the buffet was opened. The buffet had been prepared by Bruno Mahsoudi and his staff and was greatly enjoyed by all those present. With stomachs full and awards given out it was time for the party to begin. This meant Karaoke and the person who started the singing was the student of the year himself Pawel. Like any great toy there were lots of people queuing to have a go. At least by the end of the night a perfect 100 had been scored on the Karaoke machine by a group of people singing YMCA. The best score for a duo or single singer was 98 by Miss Fagg and Master Denis who sang “ I Can’t Help Myself” by the Four Tops.

It was a great night and Docklands would like to thank Bruno Mahsoudi for letting us have the use of his pub The Spanish Galleon and also Florita Morante for the Karaoke machine.

Students of the year

Most Promising Other Awards
Pawel Mastalski Raul Gazi                             Przemyslan Serwin
Thea Johanne Ness Huong Nguyen Renee Dobbs
Sebastian Mahsoudi Fred Bright  Nermeen Hilton
Toren Moore                               Nermeen Hilton   

Mrs Lisa Dennis, Miss Julie Fagg, Master Tom Denis and Mr Janitzio Moreno With Tigers