ETA Instructor Weekend, 29-30 January 2011

On Saturday 29, Instructors of the England Taekwon-Do Association met at the full time Dojang of Mr and Mrs Dennis for the ETA annual Instructor training course.

Saturday began with 24 candidates taking a course in emergency first aid, the course contained useful information and was enjoyed by all. After 8hrs all candidates had earned their new qualification as a first aider.

Saturday evening was a time to relax when 20 students and Instructors joined Master Dennis for dinner at a local restaurant. This was a great evening of conversation and laughter before we met for more training on the Sunday.

Sunday began with 35 candidates lining up to begin day 2 of the course. Master Denis and Mr Patterson opened with a refresher course in Umpiring. The course covered Centre refereeing, Corner umpiring, the role of the Jury president and correct procedure and conduct of officials.

After this we moved on to Patterns going through Chon-Ji, Dan-Gun and Do-San, where we were able to go into great detail about the technique of sine wave, continuous and fast motion, correct ways of turning, stepping and pivoting.

Master Denis then moved on to a section on Protocol and etiquette which clarified the correct ways of bowing, greeting higher ranks, and general conduct of practitioners of students in accordance to the tenets and oath of Taekwon-Do.

The last part of the course gave the candidates a chance to get involved in teaching, making sure they were going through the correct procedure; this was also a fun element where they got to take part in some different tasks.

The course finished at 4.30pm with all candidates joining in for group photo. Well done to all who took part, with a special thanks to Master Denis, Mr Patterson, Mr Symonds and Miss Fagg for their hard work.