Docklands Tae Kwon Do hosted its first Texas Hold Em game on Sunday 16th October. There were 9 people in attendance of which one was an invited guest. They met up at the Fox Poker Club on Shaftesbury Avenue. Regular player Slav Melnikovs was in many peoples mind the favourite for this event with Master Denis a good outside bet as he has been known to attend the odd game or two.Once the game started it was amusing to see Slav outplayed by relative new comers Suzanne Patterson and Julie Fagg, as time and again he made substantial bets which would have induced instant folds from seasoned players but were instantly called by these two ladies.

The first person to fall by the wayside was Bikash Sen who announced at the beginning he didn’t really know how to play and proved it within 20 minutes. Then pre tournament favourite Slav and Jake Lawrance were taken out by Graham and Suzanne Patterson who both had the same cards. The next person to be eliminated was Eddie Whipp who had played steadily up to that point. Julie was the next to go, taken out by Stephan Coetze who had been steadily building up his stack  whilst coming out with classic lines- I need a higher chair as I am having trouble seeing over all these chips-as he proceeded to dominate the table.

Next to go was Graham once again taken out by Stephan. After a few more hands Suz lost out to Master Denis. This left a heads up situation between Stephan and Master D. The chip count was slightly in Stephan’s favour but after a few hands play between the finalists the deciding hand was played. The blinds were 1000 and 2000 and being the big blind Master Denis made another 3000 bet after Stephan had flat called the big blind. An instant call by Stephan. The flop came down 3 3 9. Master Denis shoved all in and once again an instant call by Stephan. Master Denis showed: A 8, Stephan showed K 10 advantage Master D. The next card-turn- was another 9 meaning that Master D stood to win a large pot that would have made it a formality to win overall. River card 10. Game set match to Stephan. After 2 hours he proved a very worthy winner.



With competition finished they group adjourned to a nearby restaurant in China Town where a great meal was eaten and the drinks were paid for by Stephan.