ETA coach, Piotr Capaja accompanied by Master Thomas Denis attended the IUC in Limerick, Ireland from June 30th - July 1st. The event had about 200 people in attendance ranging from Grandmasters down to blue belt 4th kups. The first day consisted of theory whilst sitting in an auditorium as slides and the odd video clip being shown. After the first day of the course a banquet was held which gave the ETA delegates the opportunity to socialise with friends from around the globe who they rarely get the chance to meet with. On Sunday all participants were dressed in dobok and track suits for the practical sessions. Some participants choose to perform patterns or sparring so the other attendees were able to practise their judging and refereeing skills. The IUC was a hugely successful event and coach Capaja will be able to utilise the time spent in Ireland to better prepare ETA members for the forth coming competitions in 2013 and beyond.

ETA members were able to catch up with friends at the BBQ.


Saija From Finland




Corine Kool