A contingent from the ETA and other associations comprising ITF England attended the 88th IIC held in Ostend, Belgium on 22nd-24th November 2013.   The ITF Technical Committee comprising Grand Master Hector Marano, Grand Master Jacob Bos and Grand Master Kim Ung Lan led the course.

The following attended from England Grand Master Ellis, Master Tom Denis, Master Donato Nardizzi, Mr Errol, Mr Chesterman, Mr Hewitt, Mr Lear, Mr Symonds, Mr Capaja, Mr Thompson, Mr Bourne, Miss Fagg, Mr Mayes, Mr Sargeant, Mr Brider, Mr Cohen and Mr Richardson led the participants.  The party joined 236 other participants from 21 countries for two days of training.

The size of the course necessitated the division of the course into two elements one embraced the I to III degrees and the other IV degree and above.  What follows is based primarily on the sessions for I to III degree.  As a result of the division outlined above the Grand Masters took turns to take each group through the various elements of the course.


The first session was taken by Grand Master Bos who introduced us to, what he described as a gentle, warm up.  This included numerous strength and flexibility routines, which increased heart rates.  He then took the group through drills to improve and further develop the fundamental movements.  This was followed by some preliminary work on Cho-ji, Dan-gun and Do-san in preparation for detailed analysis of the patterns from Chon-ji to Choi-yong.

Interspersed between the pattern analyses the course was treated to sessions on fixed sparring, free sparring and self-defence by Grand Master Lan.  Grand Master Bos continued to warm groups up demonstrated his virtuosity and flexibility in all sessions, needless to say he left us all amazed at his flexibility.  Grand Master Marano treated us to his expertise on the patterns up to Gae-beak.  Grand Master Lan took III degrees through Sam-Il, Yoo-sin and Choi-yong.  The second-degree patterns were analysed in great detail in the last session of the course by Grand Master Bos.

A banquet for participants was held on Friday evening.


I understand that the IV degrees and above were treated to similar sessions including detailed work on Juche amongst all their patterns.

The course concluded with the distribution of certificates and the photographs with the Grand Masters.  During the “closing” ceremony presentations were made to the Grand Masters and also to Master Christa Wintzer, VIII degree from Germany who is 70 years young.

As always I left the course enthused by what I had learned but more importantly by the demonstration of the tenets of Taekwon-do throughout the weekend.

I learned so much, as always, from the IIC made new friends and renewed friendship with others.  Many thanks to the organisers of the 88th IIC in particular Master Vanberghen and Annick Van Driessche for all their hard work.

Finally I want to place on record my thanks to Master Denis and Miss Fagg for their assistance in getting me to Ostend and including me in their group.  I apologise to Mr Capaja who had to, I understand, endure small bouts of snoring!


Jeff Brider