The following are current and former students of Docklands Taekwon-Do Who have won medals at European and World championships.


International Gold Medalists

International Silver Medalists  International Bronze Medalists 
Graham Patterson Fay Farthing  Nick Symonds
Nick Symonds Alek Korneluk  Guy Hennequin
Lisa Dennis Graham Patterson  Graham Patterson
Piotr Capaja Piotr Capaja  Suzanne Main
Daniel Farrell Nick Symonds  Fay Farthings
Guy Hennequin Eryk Kopan  Alek Korneluk
Michael Pemikis Michael Pemikis  Piotr Capaja
Alek Korneluk Daniel Farrell  Daniel Farrell
Suzanne Main Guy Hennequin  Eryk Kopan
Eryk Kopan Shanthy Sooriasegaram  Carolina Dillen
     Michael Pemikis
     Shanthy Sooriasegaram

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